When a young person goes missing, we search for them every day that they are regarded as missing, regardless of how long it may take. The staff resources and training to undertake this continuously, is a feature of our service.

The swift location and return of young people missing, prevents them becoming entrenched into gang or exploitation activity, challenging push pull factors.

Staff are trained by KSAR (Kent Search and Rescue) locating and recovering our young people 84% of the time before the police. We are often praised by police forces for the amount of resources and success we have with our approach. We see it as our continuing responsibility to find any young person who goes missing, therefore not relying solely on police forces. A great example of the effectiveness of our approach was noted when two young people stated the below amongst peers:

W – “No point going missing, they will find you”

M – “If you go missing they ‘mess’ with everyone you know till they find you”

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