Residential Homes


Homes Registration Number Rating Area Manager
The Maples SC023646 Outstanding Kent Tiffany Healy
The Pines SC023645 Good Kent Chris Davies
Oak House SC416915 Good Kent Tania Smith
Yew Tree SC478616 Good Kent Blaise Clifford (Acting)
The Willows SC469396 Good Kent Linda Kemp
Aspen House 1183936 Good Bromley Coleen Ashman
Ash Cottage 1250521 Awaiting Inspection Marshide Kevin Flynn
Rowan House 1256417 Good Herne Bay Stacey Christian
Juniper Lodge 1258199 Good Surrey Sarah Chaston
Cedar House Opening Soon! ………….. ………… Greenwich TBC
‘How we achieve excellence in outcomes – through combined interventions’

Acorn children’s homes meet complex, diverse and challenging needs successfully, with all homes  rated as GOOD or above.

The homes support young people with a range of behavioural, social and educational needs. This includes young people exhibiting challenging behaviours, anti social behaviours, criminality and who go missing. In addition many young people suffer multiple needs such as mental health issues, attachment disorders, self harm as well as risks of CSE, radicalisation, gang association and trafficking.

Acorn has developed innovative assessments and practices to meet the needs of young people placed in residential care. These include toolkits and six monthly assessments in gangs, trafficking, exploitation and radicalisation with risk assessments and action plans.  In addition, Acorn works in conjunction with Kent University, researching  the development of safeguarding devices and systems.  To meet such challenging, varied and complex needs, every young person placed within Acorn receives, as standard, high levels of professional services and support.