16+ Transition Services

Every young person placed accesses activities and sports programmes, a reward and incentives scheme, a dedicated keyworker and the support of education services.

In addition everyone receives an assessment from the Health and Wellbeing team and has access to a range of therapies as well as independence training.

The support and services given to every young person is included in the basic fee, as are £15.00 per week towards sports and activities, and a £15.00 per week incentive scheme.

Acorn transitions and 16+ services support care leavers (residential and fostering), asylum seekers and Southwark ruling cases.

Staff are trained to the Ofsted standards  with additional training on independence, CSE, gangs, trafficking and lone working.

Managed by Mo Coltham, we have a transition services based in Ramsgate, Kent, Herne Bay and Canterbury.